America’s Service Station-Follow Up Report!!. a*s Stated – Houston Press Follow Up 6/29/00 A car repair chain manual reveals secrets to high markups and hefty profits By Steven Long Don’t just focus on the customer’s problem with a car — “Isolate and Upsell.” Mark up parts prices nearly 300 percent over costs, and ditch those pesky words such as price or expensive. Better to use the positive spin of “investment.” A problem is actually an “opportunity.” And the biggest no-no is the word “no” — as in no sale. That’s the gospel according to America’s Service Station, as dictated in the official a*s manual, a virtual how-to handbook for generating hefty profits. After complaints from motorists using a*s, the Houston Press recently conducted a sting on the chain’s automotive garages. It turned up a variety of problems ranging from unneeded repairs to questionable charges, shoddy work

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