Complaint: My Saturn was having problems, it was not running very good, so I decided the vehicle needed a tune-up. I read a nice article in a local newspaper’s advertising section describing the professionalism of America’s Service Station located in Woodstock, Georgia. After describing the behavior of the car, the establishment notified me they would have to look at it the next morning (since it was rather late in the day), and give a diagnosis the following day. I received a call the next morning, shock set in!! The car was on the verge of being terminal, needing a new head gasket. They informed me the repair could be accomplished within 3 days and the cost would be kept as low as possible. This is where the problems begin! I called the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th and 10th days. They claimed they were having problems getting parts from Saturn. I talked with the mechanic assigned to the car; he said he had no idea why I was quoted a 3 day turn around since this was going to be an extensive repair. I finally picked up the car on the 14th day of possession at the infamous “America’s Service Station.”” By the way

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Address: the course of the repair cycle was delayed a couple of extra days because the oil pan developed a severe crack – don’t know why. I did raise a big enough issue

Website: it gets better. The final bill came up to $2

Phone: they agreed to replace the pan free of charge – it took two extra days to get the pan in from Saturn