I placed an order for Christmas and Amerimark put through the order twice under different order numbers and then charged the amount twice. I had only confirmed one order which I had placed online. This turned an approximately $200 order into a $400 order. Because of the duplicate order the amount charged was doubled causing it to go over my available limit of $300. Amerimark then requested a down-payment because the doubled amount exceeded my limit. I spoke to several customer service representatives who couldn’t understand what I was telling them. They kept switching me to different departments and then back again. Their call center could neither understand the situation nor resolve it. This is Amerimark’s mistake and they should be able to correct it. | I should receive my single internet order for $200 with $1.99 expedited shipping and no down payment. However, Amerimark’s customer service cannot grasp what has occurred and despite speaking with several representatives the issue has not been resolved. The call center representatives obviously have not been trained to deal with duplicate orders and double billing and they have no tools with which to correct the situation. Amerimark needs to institute procedures to correct duplicate orders and provide training and tools which will enable their representatives to correct such problems. They also need to institute coordination and communication between their Internet service and call center service. Inexplicably, they apparently keep no record of customer calls. As a result of this unresolved issue I will not receive my Christmas order and Amerimark has lost a sale and a good customer. I had hoped the situation would be amicably resolved to everyone’s satisfaction in time for Christmas, but I was mistaken.


Name: AmeriMark

Country: United States

State: Ohio

City: Cleveland

Address: 6864 Engle Rd

Phone: 877-268-9594

Website: www.amerimark.com/