Complaint: I have received 4 calls from a “Mark Smith”” with a mid eastern accent and a lot of background noise threatening me if I don’t pay. He never once told me who he was representing except a payday loan company. He left a phone number for me to call back and when I did he said he was “”James Bond.”” I refused to give any information and was again threatened. Suspecting this is a scam I called the police and they called the same number. The same background noise was observed and the person was the same person only this time he said Mark Smith was not there but he was Mark Green

Tags: Lawyers

Address: the supervisor. Once he knew it was the police calling the conversation ended. This group is trying to scam money from people. Do not listen to them and never give them any information. Contact your local police and State Attorney General’s Office and put a stop to these people.”


Phone: 3RD COURT STREET AUBURN, New York United States of America