This is 100% a scam; do not waste your time. Here is a detailed account. My sister and I got pulled in to writing down our contact information for a u201cFree Vacationu201d at an Astros Game/Street Party. A few weeks later we BOTH (separately) got called and were told we won a 3 day 2 night vacation for 2 to Las Vegas – our sales reps (2 different people) named a handful of resorts that we would get to choose from (MGM, New York New York, etc.) all known and decent locations. We asked what the catch was and they said all we have to do is come to their event/presentation for an hour, ALL we will pay are the taxes and fees for the trips (we asked, they said only about $75-$100/person), and then we get our vacation. We went to this presentation 10/14 sat through their sales pitch (its a time share company, but they call themselves a vacation company) – they tried to sell it super hard although we both said no because we are not in a position to drop thousands of dollars on a Sunday afternoon. Then they finally sent us to a back office to pick up our free vacation vouchers. When we get to the office, she looks at our stuff and pulls out vouchers for a u201cfreeu201d vacation and we get to CHOOSE the city (theres about 20 cities to choose from) – we were shocked thinking we would only have the Vegas option and the lady proceeds to tell us that the company they were using before is going out of business/bankruptcy so they are now using a different company that gives more options. (Keep in mind, we were told we won on a Wednesday, and 4 days later on Sunday they are changing their voucher companyu2026). She convinces us its a better deal and we leave with our vouchers. When we get home we go to the website to look at the vouchers and decide where we wanted to go. This is where we realize we just scammed. This company requires you to pay $50 just to redeem your certificateu2026 then on top of this – they can not guarantee you WHEN you will go on your trip, WHICH CITY you will be sent to, or WHERE you will be staying. It says choose 3 dates and 3 cities and they will let you know. This company is also very clear to state that they do not advertise which hotels they partner with because they donu2019t want you to be u201cdisappointedu201d if you get put in a Holiday Inn when you requested a Hilton. AMG Resorts completely lured us in under false pretensesu2026 and I am convinced we were given this SHAM because we did not buy their $20,000 vacation time share. So instead of staying at a place like the MGM like we were told, we would get stuck in a Holiday Inn – instead of the $200 per couple in taxes weu2019re now being asked to pay over $500 per couple – instead of choosing when and where we can go, weu2019re being told to be flexible and leave where and when we go on vacation up to this company. Oh, you also can only travel Monday-Wednesday HA! So at this point we were very upset and felt taken advantage of, and frankly we just waited our whole Sunday for nothing. I immediately started calling AMG in hopes they would want to resolve it. I got a hold of one of marketing reps (Chris) who sounded genuine and shocked and said he had no idea about all the hidden print in this new company – he would call them first thing Monday and call me back before noon. Well Monday, 1 pm rolls around and havenu2019t heard from him so I reach out – he says he is swamped and will call me later that evening. Big surprise, I NEVER heard from him again. Reached out Tuesday morning – no response. I reached out to my initial sales rep and asked him to put me in touch with his manager. I get a call Tuesday from someone at their Corporate offices (Dan Pool). I explain the situation to him, and again he sounds shocked and tells me that he did not know they had switched voucher companies so he will do some research and will be sure to call me back with some answers. He calls back Thursday morning 10/18 and unfortunately I was out of town, so he left a voicemail. In his message he says u201cI have done my research and yes that is the new vouchersu2026 the company that we was buying them from did go out of business, or change, or whatever they did. We are purchasing the new certs you were given – those are the certs that are given now.u201d So you can see there is no attempt to resolve or reconcile – corporate does not even know what is going on at their locations – and they lure people in under false pretenses and false advertising. It is not a reputable nor professional business, they take advantage of and trick people. I feel silly for falling for it, and I hope this will stop it from happening to any more people.

Conroe, Texas United States

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