Complaint: Amie and Fausto Polanco moved into a home in Perris Ca. They contacted the rental agent and property manager named California realty to complete the application , send deposit, and gain access. The property management company made a very bad choice to rent to the Polanco’s… They brought rodents into the home because they were not clean. They broke the air conditioning unit and moved out 5 days after they destroyed the AC unit only 5 months into their 1 year lease. They called and threatened the property manager and owner of the property and tried to extort money. they proceeded to file lawsuits using lies and unethical methods. Fausto walked into the courtroom in full military garb and proceeded to convince the riverside judge that he was a good old military man… His larger than life tatooed wife tired to convince the judge that they were the poor victim of a bad bad property owner. The facts were as follows: Lanaland LLC was the property owner and nobody from lanaland ever even met the polanco’s… until they moved into the property and began complaining about rodents that they brought into the property. These rodents were never there until after the Polancos moved in. The Polancos than carefully constructed a bogus lawsuit which included costs of moving, bogus repairs they proportedly made, difference in rental amount of new rental …etc etc etc. These people were the tenants from HELL… they managed to get a default judgement because the property managers were never served … then they began stalking all parties involved to try and extort money. They don’t own any of their own property…so they go after other peoples properties. They are a scary bunch. Tatooed Amie spends her days and nights stalking innocent victims.. …Amie is are just trying to get a free ride instead of working and earning a living like a normal person would do. Fausto works at a low level in the military while his wife sits home and carefully constructs plans to make easy money by suing innocent victims. BEWARE if you ever have this couple apply to rent any of your properties …or tries to befriend you in business. These 2 came from a very small town out there somewhere in podunk idaho…and moved into california trying to make easy money. Don’t become their next victims. They threaten to put up false lies on the internet if you don’t pay them off…. they are malicious, liars and cheaters…. BE CAREFUL…

Tags: Home Owner Associations

Address: 29910 Camino Cristal Menifee , California USA