took my money, never sent merchandise, could not get in touch with anyone. SCAM


My Complaint: I ordered $140.00 worth of merchandise from this website for Christmas presents. The money came right out of my account along with a confirmation email. In the email it said that I would recieve another email once my order ships. Well, it’s been over two weeks and no email, no merchandise. I tried emailing them at [email protected] and the email failed to deliver, so I attemped to email to [email protected]m and it went through but I have had no reponse in over two weeks. They follow me on Instagram so I left a comment on their latest post telling them I wanted a full refund and that no one would email me back….a few other people chimed in with the same complaints. A few hours later, all of our posts were deleted, so I posted again….a few more hours went by and they completely deleted the instagram picture with our comments. Now, I will have to get a new debit card since I gave them my card info for payment. This place is a SCAM…DO NOT ORDER FROM THEIR WEBSITE


My Demand: I want my money back and this website SHUT DOWN