AMPCO Parking Denver Horrible Service- Rip Off and Price Gouging Denver, Colorado!!. I had the unfortunate opportunity to be fined for Ampco parking after I had paid for all day parking. On the beginning of June I parked at 18th and Lincoln in Denver for an all day parking pass. I then proceeded to work all day. 45 days later I received a a letter from Ampco stating that I owed $80.00 for a day of parking that I paid for. I then called Ampco in which the employee was the rudest I have ever met, worse than the DMV and SSN offices combined. She proceeded to tell me I needed a transaction to show proof that I paid for that day and to send it to the appeals department. I obviously did not have a little reciept from 45 days ago so I pulled up my bank account and statements. I sent them the transaction that stated the exact amount, the exact day and the parking lot. AMPCO returned with an email stating that they need the ticket stub and that was the only way for them to r

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