Amport Inc Amport Inc Amport Inc located at 2700 Broening Hwy, Dundalk, MD 21222 is very racist against black employees advacning in the company Jacksonville Florida!!. The Mitsubishi shop that is run by supervisor Terry is very prejudice against black employees and black temp workers becoming installer in her shop. Its only one black supervisor at this company. Most black employees and black temp workers are given low entry level job. The good paid position go to white employees and white temp works.Black temp workers have to work through a temp service for six months before they are given an opportiunty to be hire by this company. White workers are given the opportiunty to apply with the company without going through a temp services. I have file a complain against this company for the unfair labor practice against black workers. This company do have a union but the union has the company bettter interest an not the employees.

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