I met my boyfriend September of 2003 I was 18 and he was 21 and we hit it off. Things were great for the first couple years. We started to have issues but always seemed to work them out. We had our moments on and off. Well in 2010 I found out I was pregnant. He wanted to move into together so he decided to buy a home for us. We moved in together finally when my son was born. Closing on a house can take forever sometimes. Things were great for the first 6 months. We started to drift and were not as close as we were. We had found out that my son was my Ex’s but he said he loved him no matter what. We were trying to get passed all this and stay a family. He said he didn’t want to lose us. || Well we were doing well until Summer 2012… he changed. We were coming up on my sons 2nd birthday in September. He started this project for his birthday so he was spending a lot of time at his parents’ house in the shop behind their house. He was also on my family’s hunting lease. He was spending so much time away from the house. Work, parents house or hunting lease… October 24th I got a friend request on Facebook from Marcus Klein. I didn’t know who they were. They had no real pictures on the profile. They sent me a message telling me to ask Gilly who Houston is. I proceeded to ask who they are and they responded I thought you might want to know. I of course had a gut feeling that he was cheating on me. I then sent him a text telling him about the Facebook conversation I just had with a Marcus Klein. I didn’t hear back from him. Hours passed and still no reply. When he got home from work I was still awake of course. How could I sleep? I asked again who is Houston. He said it’s a woman he has been talking to. He said her name is Amy and she lives in Houston. He would not tell me her last name. He was actually standing up for her. He said she was worried he was going to lose my son. I couldn’t believe he was defending her. I looked on his Facebook and found her profile. Her name was Amos Jojo. Her profile pic was some word phrase so I wouldn’t get suspicious. I had seen that name on his friends list for a couple months. He met her at her friend’s house which is also his friend Ronda. She doesn’t like me. We had a long conversation and he said that they were just friends. She seemed so worried though when she didn’t hear from him around the usual time he leaves for work because he took off of work to stay home and continue talking. I told her that he was talking to his girlfriend. Go away. She knew I knew about her. He called her after I sent the text. I told him he had to choose between me and my son and her. Well he promised to stop talking to her. I believed he would. || We had the holidays and we had some really good moments. After Christmas he got weird again. I knew he was talking to her again. After he disappeared New Year’s Eve I didn’t trust him anymore. I called around everywhere trying to find him New Year’s Day. I even talked to his parents and I told them about Amy. He said he was at his cousin’s house. A few days later he came home and got real silent. Finally we made the choice that we couldn’t do this anymore. He said we needed a break. So 2 days later my son and I moved out. Well I had to keep going back to pack up some more and we talked. We were trying to see if we could work this out still. I loved him and I wanted us to be a family. 2 weeks after he was already breaking promises of coming to see us. He said he wanted to stay a part of my son’s life. He sure wasn’t being very serious about it. He promised to make it up to us the next weekend. Well I do have friends that go where he goes. I found out that he was seeing her and had been seeing her. I found out that they had been talking since Sept 15th and they were way more than friends. The night before my son’s birthday party he stayed the night at Ronda’s but he conveniently left out the part that Amy was there too. I really believed he would never do that to me. In November when my son and I went to the hunting lease to camp out he was going to be there too. Well Friday night after he got off of work he met up with her before going to the lease. We had a great weekend with my family. My son had so much fun playing with Daddy. That weekend he met up with her on Sunday too. New Year’s he was with her. When I moved out he went to Houston to stay with her but yet he was still talking to me. || Once I found out the truth I confronted him and I packed all my stuff and I left. I told him he was a sorry piece of shit and I never wanted to see him again. He was mad because he didn’t want any responsibility when it comes to my son so I decided that he didn’t need to have any part of my sons future. So I got the courage and we left and we haven’t looked back. He was throwing her 40th birthday party that weekend. She is still with him. I have found out more of whats going on including all these details. I do love that part where my friends have referred to her as an older version of me with a huge ass. I was pissed off for a while but it has been 7 months and I am over it. I thank my homewrecker cause if it was not for her ass I would still be wasting my life with him. Good bye 9 years hello future.