This souless skank right here was well aware that the man she worked with at Industrial Oil in Midland was taken. Not only that but we had been in a relationship for six years, lived together and were raising our six kids together. She did not care. Apparently the first time they hooked up he couldn’t get it up and stopped them before they went far. You would think that she would have taken this as a sign that his heart might be elsewhere and he was making a really stupid mistake, but instead she continued to pursue him. Not because she wanted him but just to prove she could have whatever she wanted no matter who it hurt. When I started to have a bad feeling and went through his phone one night, I saw their messages from earlier that night on LinkedIn basically planning their next “meeting” in which he promised to perform. I made him leave the house and logged into his account and sent her a message so she would know that I knew what was going on. Did a guilty conscience get the best of either of them?? Of course not because that is where he ended up for the night. Hopefully the whore was worth throwing away a six year relationship with a woman that truly loved and took care of him.