PLEASE DON’T SEND HER MONEY! Many have also fallen as a victim from her promises in buying Pekingese or Peekapoos puppies.I gave her a $500 deposit for a pekingese puppy in July 2018 and she said she would let me know once the puppies were born the end of the month. A month a went by and nothing from her. A good legit breeder would have let the client know of that issue immediately instead of them having to see whats going on. SO I contacted her in mid August and she said both pregnant females litters died last week in July, but she had another female due next month. Well that time has come and what do you know no response again. She has now stop answering my emails and calls. Someone needs to get this lady sued. She now is just taking checks, cash deposit and Wal-mart to Wal-mart transfers.These are her two websites that I know of she has: and can see some of the complaints that were filed…?