You can read online about the big time Solutions Bridal and John Stephens scam. They are absolute Scam Artists. They are the worst kind of scum preying on innocent victims. nMany people have had the same experiences as the following person: nThis is how they scam people. First you order the wedding dress. John the fat perv letch hovers around you calling you sweetie and honey and acting like you are the most beautiful thing in the world. nYou order the dress then the scam begins. They tell you that their have been delays and it will cost more (hundreds or thousands of dollars) to get it done by the time of your wedding. nI had to pay an extra $4200 for my dress or I would not have had it for the wedding. John try’s to act sad and says Sweetie what can I do. I believed it wasn’t his fault until I ran into an employee who told me this happens all the time. nDO NOT TRUST this scam. They will ruin your wedding or you will pay thousands more. nWhat is appalling is legitimate designers are allowing this to happen. Amy Michelson has been informed that this is happening and they still allow Solutions Bridal to use their information on the their website. The credibility of such designers allows this scam to continue. If you have been ripped of by this scam you should tell your friends to boycott this designer. nSolutions Bridal is destroying what should be the happiest days of a woman’s life. nTaranOrlando, FloridaU.S.A. Nationwide U.S.A.

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