Beware of Amy Williams – at times, going by Amy Morrison Williams. Everyone say she is a con-artist who disguises as a film producer, then steals people’s money, scams, and sabotages projects. The word is that she goes around town claiming to be a big producer with credits in films such as Mothers and Daughters – This is a LIE.?? | People say that she is not a real producer of Mothers and Daughters despite the credits that she flashes around town. They say that the true story is that she approached that production, promising to attract financing for the movie, but brought nothing but debts and headaches. Everybody talks about how she tried to sabotage the director, Paul Duddridge, and steal his credit. They also mentioned she is mentally unstable and tried to stir commotion among the other producers, also attempting to manipulate them in a bid to take over the director’s credit. | When the producers took her out of Mothers and Daughters, they said Amy threatened to hit back with a lawsuit, forcing the production to maintain her IMDB credit, even though she never really produced anything.?? | She also credits herself as a director of the short Respire, which in reality the real directors are the writers Laice and Dina. Two young filmmakers who were innocently conned by Amy Williams. | After a quick research, it was revealed that most of her IMDB credits are fake, or she attained this by conning beginner filmmakers. She’s not a real producer, and never even directed anything; she uses basic knowledge of the film industry to scam financiers, convince good people to put money on a movie that doesn’t exist, lure filmmakers and steal their projects. | ??In reality, people say she’s a woman with serious drug problems who needs medical assistance.


Name: Amy Williams

Country: United States

State: California

City: Malibu

Address: 6309 Zumirez Dr

Phone: 424-644-0504