Anacortes Yacht Charters is a charter boat company located in Anacortes Washington. They advertise on their web site that you will receive a substantial income if you let them operate your boat in their charter fleet. I spoke with the owner Mike Lovell and he assured me that I would make a great deal of money from my boat. Mike Lovell simply lied to me. Not the first time either it turned out. AYC will take the money from the charter guest and then find various ways to keep it. They do unnecessary maintenance to your boat or even claim to have done it when the boat wasn’t even there. False billing. The book keeper is Kristin Lovell, also owner of the company, and you have to watch for billing “errors”. Kristin will try to slide them by you and cheat you that way. AYC has a stay aboard policy in which charter guests will stay aboard your boat one night prior to their vacation. AYC will keep this stay aboard amount and not honor the contract that states 70% of that revenue should be yours as the boat owner. This is simply stealing from you. Combined, all the ways they have to cheat you, the boat owner will receive very little of the substantial revenue generated by your property. You will be stuck with the wear and tear on your boat and they will take all the proceeds cheating you out of your fair share. Kristin and Mike Lovell will lie to you and steal your money. Do not trust them.


Name: Anacortes Yacht Charters

Country: United States

State: Washington

City: Anacortes

Address: 2415 T Ave #2

Phone: 360-293-4555