I was working for Nikos Tsoulos as a waiter at his restaurant AVRA when he asked me to be the photographer for the opening night of his new restaurant ANASSA in June of 2013. A week later on i delivered the photos with my rates. After the opening night i was meeting him on a daily basis when he was visiting Avra and every time he was telling me that he needs to take care of my payment but it was not the right time. September of 2013 i quit Avra and got a job at another restaurant in Manhattan. when i contacted the company’s office asking for my money more than 3 times, i got a call back from their manager saying that they didm;t like the photographs and didn’t want to pay.
I believe that from June that the photo shoot took place until end of September that i asked for my payment there was plenty of time if they didn’t like my work to tell me so. He is just cheap and not professional.. I demand my payment in full. I don’t recommend them

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