I purchased an Emco/Andersen storm door and it began to split across the frame area. I called Anderson and advised them of the defect in the storm door. Andersen Corp advised me to take pictures and send them via internet to them. I took pictures of the defect and emailed them to Andersen Corp. Andersen Corp responded stating the door was warped. I spoke with Andersen and told them the door did not appear warped. They advised me to send them pictures with a straight edge against the storm door. | I sent Andersen several more pictures using a straight edge against the storm door. Andersen replied stating they would send a hinge rail to me. I replied to Andersen stating the problem is with the frame of the storm door and not the hinge rail. Andersen Corp then told me they could not understand how aluminium could split. They alleged it must have been something I done to cause the door frame to start splitting. Andersen refused to send me a new door. I would advise everyone not to purchase an Emco/Andersen storm door. The doors are not reliable and Andersen will come up with a reason to get out of honoring their warranty.


Name: Andersen Corporation

Country: United States

State: Minnesota

City: Bayport

Address: 100 4th Ave. N.

Phone: 651-264-5150

Website: www.andersenwindows.com/