I purchased several defective 400 series tilt wash double hung, vinyl clad windows on June 29th, 2006. The windows would collect condensation at the point in which the two pieces meets (below the latch). I notice this did not happen on the non 400 series panes through out the house. Eventually mold and even fungus appeared. It would return as soon as it was wiped off. I had to throw out the trim and wood blinds. I contacted Andersen several times and filed warranties without even a confirmation. When contacting them via phone I was passed from message service to message service. I did some research and was told once again my home had high humidity. I had a contractor test my house’s, circulation, ventalation, and humidity and all was well within code standards. I searched for others and found them. Many insisted it was still humidity. I soon found out that the people who had similar breakdown had purchased the same model within months of my own purchase and from the Minnesota location. I have not been able to do anything with this knowledge and so I continued to pursue other cases and document my findings in hope for a class action suit. I have a daughter on the way and now I’ll be forced to pay for all replacements on my own and on a fixed income. I’m at wits end and out of options. I welcome all help and info.

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