I received a fraudulent bill from Anderson Medical Center, 1945 Garnet Avenue San Diego, CA 92109 on October 26 2017. | The EOB which states that I am being billed for CPT Code 9921325 and 989925. | The E/M code 25 was not necessary or urgent, I was simply there to fill a prescription and be on my way. In addition, the “osteopathic correction” (code 98925) was not consented nor desired. I was told to lay on my back and the doctor abruptly proceeded to attempt to crack my lower back. I was not informed of the procedure nor the charges associated with it. | These charges are inconsistent with the requests of the patient (myself) and unauthorized or not consented to. | This is a major indicator of poor practice and is unacceptable. After attempting to contact the office I was looped through multiple billing department representatives and put on several holds. | After about 20 minutes of bouncing around to different representatives I was sent back to the medical office for “an explanation of the charges.” I told the office I was ready to dispute the fraudulent charges at all costs but was turned down anyway. | I was then told that the office manager would contact me shortly in order to try to resolve the issues at hand. I never heard back from the office manager and when I called back to speak with him I was put on a 10 minute hold then sent to voicemail. | I called back a second and third time which resulted in the same hold time and voicemail. Several hours later I was contaced by the office manager who told me “theres nothing I can do” about the fraudulent charges. I have contacted several attorneys in order to escalate the issue. | I want to let anyone in the surrounding area know that if you are considering using Anderson Medical Center as your primary care physician or even just an urgent care that they will intentionally mislead you and take advantage of you by adding fraudulent / non-consented charges.


Name: Anderson Medical Center

Country: United States

State: California

City: San Diego

Address: 1945 Garnet Avenue

Phone: 858-224-7977

Website: www.andersonmedicalcenter.com/