Andrew Kelly Took my check to purchase parts and ran Phoenix Arizona!!. Andrew Kelly has an ad on OfferUp for an engine rebuild service “special for $899” Had my truck picked up and towed to be repaired in a week. He needed $450 for rebuild parts which i stupidly signed a check for. One week later he dumped my truck in some apartment complex in Mesa and left my keys on the seat, door unlocked too. I tried contacting him multiple times and of course he blows it all off. He did nothing to my truck because it still burns oil and is knocking. I called the bank and they said my check was cashed at Academy Bank which there are only two of in the whole valley. Shouldnt be hard to locate him. I’m going to file a police report like others have done but it’s unfortunate that he’s gotten away with stealing peoples money in the past and it seems the police can’t do anything about it. What a crock. This guy needs to be locked up so this doesnt happen to anyone else.

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