Complaint: I am reporting on a business out of Califorina, named Ady’s Auto sport. I’ts like a mail order place for after market, high performance car parts. I thought that they were a good business, they advertise in almost EVERY magazine. So I order a simple intake, for my car. Well everything went good. They got my money, within 10 hrs. SO i thought that they were quick about things. Wrong. About a month goes by and still no part. I call them, It’s on back order. That’s fine. They say about 2 more weeks. 3 weeks, no part, I call telling them that I want it now. Or my $130 refunded. They say…don’t worry it’s on it’s way. Of another week. nothin. I call again. I want a refund. about 30 to precess w/ a 10% processing fee. and they said i would have my part for then. Well I got busy and another month went by and still nothin. I call to get a refund. This time they said 2 weeks to get my money back. yet again riped off. Still now money, no part and they won’t talk to me. Nobody to handle this problem is there. Don’t do business with them. Go straight to the manufacture. Thank you for your time. Kevin Lexington, KentuckyU.S.A.

Tags: Car Parts & Accessories

Address: 1666 S. Main Street, Ste. A Milpitas, California U.S.A.


Phone: 800-419-1152