Ana Marie Frias, came to my house in miramar,Fl where my kids used to live and convinced my former wife with a fake contract to sell the house to her but the condition that she would has to leave house the following month (march 2008). Then she never came out with money to pay and has been living in my house for almost 2 years for free. I have fake contracts over contracts, fake checks that we could never cash out and so on. Last year I hired a firm to get her out and just to find out that after 5 months,the lawyer that I hired to get the eviction did nothing besides cashing my payment (Luis Laguna).I need help please, I want this lady out of my house so my kids can come back into the house and I can re-negociate new terms with the bank. Also I want to file a lawsuit against this lady even if she can’t come out with any money at least I want to put her on jail so she doesn’t do the same thing some where else. I need help please and do not do any type of transactions with this lady.

18741 sw 41st street Miramar, Florida United States of America

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