Angel Giessiner a very close family friend that I love (loved) very much hurt me in away that tore me into pieces. She was like a sister to me I was Always there for her through everything good and bad. My faience and I took her and her family (her boyfriend and new born) in to are home to help them out financially. I worked my faience worked and her bf also worked while she stayed home with there baby, well things where going good until her and her bf started having problems witch was about 3 months down the road not only with them but with me and my family. My faience and I started having problems just random dumb things would pop up and i wasn’t understanding where all the tension was coming from. then to top it off my faience was laid off so he was staying home as well so that left them two at home alone with my sons and her baby while everyone else was at work. Any how with angel being my best friends i sometimes would release stress to her about random things kids, struggling financially and ect. Well come to find out she was intentional start problems between me and my faience driving us apart she would go and tell any gripe complaint or problem i had to my fiancee, but she would make it out 10 times worse. None of this started until her boyfriend started messing up i guess she wasn’t happy so she had to see others unhappy. Well I started noticing wired things happening like for instant if i got upset about something like coming home to a dirty house with pee diapers all over my house and made a negative comment to my fiancee he would take up for her and she would do the same for her. Things where just getting all a little fishy. I even stated to my fiancee that i think that him and angel were spending to much time together due to both being unemployed and living in the same house and that didn’t like it and was not comfortable with it. I was made out to be crazy and i didnt know what i was talking about. So i just left things alone thinking okay maybe im just paranoid i mean this is my best friend/family and my fiancee they would never hurt me like that plus her bf is living her as well, but as days passed something just kept telling me different. || My kids went and stayed at there aunts one day so i knew angel and him would be compleatly home alone. Everything in my gut was telling me to call in to work but I couldn’t so i woke up that morning and we only have one vehicle so my fiancee dropped me off at work but before I left for work I hid a tape recorder in my room. well while im at work i get a phone call from my fiancee starting a fight with me im stressed as is well not wanting to ride home with him I tell him to let angel use my truck and she can pick me up. Angel comes and picks me up we go grocery shopping laughing talking like normal get in the truck to leave and I get a random text for him saying im think im slick getting her to pick me up. I have no clue what hes talking about. well i share that with angel and she just says man i seen him with out his shirt on and he is skinny then she moved on and resumed talking about her and her boyfriend and there sex life them moved on the asking me things like is it weird that my fiancee isn’t circumscribed and how different it was to go down on and uncircumcised guy even asked what a uncircumcised penis looked like before it got hard. anyhow we get home and the first thing i do is go into my room grab the recorder lock my self in my bathroom with headphones and listen will guess what sure enough you here my fiancee in my room sounds like getting back into bed watching tv then about 30 mins pass of tv and no sound then you here my door open to my room with angel talking starting a conversation talking about her problems with her bf to him and he really isnt saying much well it get silent for a few minutes then all of a sudden you here morning and my head bored but it only last for about 45 seconds and then you here a little rustling around and angel goes what are you doing why are you getting dressed he answers with because then his phone goes off and she goes who is that you girl and hes says no she goes to ask him something but the recording get statistic and i cant make out what was said but he did rely with something like this may seem hypocritical of me to say but shes fake as fuck she then tells him that she wants him to put him a bed out in the shed for him to sleep out there he didnt respond to her then you here the bathroom door open in my room and the shower start the door shut. angel gets a phone call and it her friend asking for a ride so she yelling through the door i guess to him asking if she can use my truck. you here him come out and she goes what are you doing he says going outside she replys with will i guess i will lay here by myself and think about you. he ask her when she needs the truck and leaves the room. I dont know what happens after that all you can here is faint sounds of her and the tv in the living room and later my sons coming home. This girl sat and talked to sneaky trying to find out how to go down on my man picked me up looked me in the face like nothing ever occurred he had no chance to react to me because as soon as i seen him i lost it. Me loving her so much i just couldn’t do anything but cry and send here down the road walking it hurt me so bad i couldn’t react in another way. i had it out with him loaded my kids up and went and got a hotel room and told him he needed to be gone by tonight. He pleaded and begged with my called my phone through out the night. I came back to my house he was still there packing and he was upset and telling me how much he loved me and how sorry he was i left again, for her i didn’t here a peep from. so they were gone and it was just me the kids and her boyfriend living in my house the only time i got to talk to her again was when i ripped the phone away from her bf and got on the phone i asked her why and she said she didn’t know that she cant believe this happen and she did that to me i asked angel did he ask you to come into my room or did you just walk in she got quit and i said angel did you just walk in and get in my bed she says yes then she says but he said something to me the night before, i asked what and she said i cant talk about it right now then just goes it was planned. so anyhow i get into her phone account and look at her history and there are tones of messages to my finance tons all through the night all through the day he dose respond back to some a lot actually. i ask him about the messages and of course he dint have them and he says it her texting asking about why were fighting or her telling him shit i had said. do i believe that no not one freaking bit do i believe that it was planned yes! I ask my self daily how to people you love and thought loves you can get together and rip you heart out to plan something so evil. I ask how this girl talked to me about the things she did then looked at em in my face with no remorse not one ounce. I ask how he could hurt me like this how he could do this to me to our family to hurt us the way he did. I learned to never think you really know someone because you dont and at the drop of the dime they can stab you in the back and rip your heart out. Trust I dont think i will ever have again.