Complaint: on dec.6, 2008 the employees at this location 1 being marcus, tried to offer me drugs in front off my wife and kids and then proceeded to sell those same drugs during his shift on the premisses of the resturant mean while angel works the inside of the store over charging customers and pocketing the difference. she also was giving away free food to people that she seemed to know that comes in the store! both of these employees work 3rd shift at this location,also carol who works on 1st shift pockets money on a daily basis using the same tactics as angel to get over on the company. and as a tax paying citizen i dont appreciate being taken advantage of or to be made out to be a fool and also to be offered drugs in front of my kids and my wife while we were trying to enjoy our meal. so i feel something should be done about this matter before the company looses customers as well as money. i fell this problem has been going on for a while for them to be so comfortable doing these things in front of paying customers!and i will be following up on this matter! i will, call corperate over and over until this matter is handeled accordingly. Anonymous ellenwood, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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