Complaint: Andrea, the office employee has scheduled approx. 8 appts. for pest control and then had the exterminators no show me on purpose. When reported to her handler, Angela Hogan, Andrea claims she never scheduled any appointments….I have all the phone records and even phone recordings and emails; yett Angela Hogan the “manager”” continues to protect her and continue to do “”schedule but no show/deny scheduling tactics.”” Angela Hogan herself is very rude. She hasn’t done anything to discipline her employees

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Address: nonetheless Andrea still works there after doing this. When I go to the office to pay bait and switch fees; Angela Hogan ignores me and has phone or in person conversations in her office. They sent out flyers to all residents saying you can pay 5 days after the first with your rent……when people actually pay within 5 days of the first

Website: “” that are pretending to be humans.”

Phone: they are charged 50 dollar late fee plus 5 dollars per day……I have the flyer showing and proving this yett they still demand late fees with this bait and switch bs. Angela And andrea are extremely rude and phony