I applied on Glassdoor to a Customer Service Representative Personal Ass. The job emailed me stating that they received my resume and would like to tell me more about the position. I was directed to work for an Artist named Angelina Smith. She emailed me, asked interview questions and informed me that this was a work from home job. She emailed me a list of equipment that I would need for this position. She told me she would provide the funds for the equipment including a $250 sign on bonus. A few days later she messaged me that the check would arrive w/ instructions and to keep her updated. I went to go deposit the check at my bank but they only accepted $2500 the rest of the money would deposit in 5 business days once the check cleared. Angelina had me send the money to the “equipment vendor “. The next day my account was in overdraft for $2500 I called my bank and they said if the check clears you’re good , if it doesn’t clear you will have to pay that money back. I immediately expressed my concerns to the Finacial Advisor and Angelina Smith. The FA didn’t respond and Angelina told me everything will be fine and the check will clear. After that she never replied my messages or phone calls. Now I’m here behind on bills stuck paying back what they took from me.I was only looking for a better job opportunity not to get scammed.