I contacted Anila’s Collection (Twink Store Online) in Feb regarding the new summer lawn suits. I told them that I have been out of touch with the fashion and clothing for like 10 years and would like them to make some recommendation as to which lawn is good. they aid all is good. So I ordered like 6 suits. The stitching of the suits was the same as the price so I thought it must be exceptional. I also told them that my parents are traveling to USA in early April so if they can ship the suits to Lahore that would be great. They were very good and very prompt with any queries. Once I placed the order and sent the money it took them 7 days to confirm that they have received the money (although I had sent it via moneygram that they could receive within next 10 minutes). then they sent me a standard measurement sheet which i filled and sent the same day. they said that the stitching of the suits will take 3 weeks. The shipment was supposed to be delivered on 24th March and came on 27th March. When asked my parents to check the shipment they said that two of the shirts were not made as per the pictures that they had posted on their site. When asked they said “for that amount of money what did you expect””. I was nonplussed

as I had expected what they posted and we agreed on. Also the standard “”trouser”” back home is salwar but they sent straight trouser saying you had asked for trouser with hook belt. I said the form that you had sent me said trouser and I assumed that is regular salwar. My bad

i will accept the trouser. Then a day later my sister noticed that all the trousers had elastic and not hook belt and she asked me how can I order elastic (since I am extremely allergic to elastic and have never worn it all my life) and I said I had not. When I contacted Twink Store again and asked for a refund (since I was miffed by this time due to so many bad experiences with them). They went totally ballistic and were very rude to me. I said I just want to be treated fairly. After much coaxing they agreed to correct the trousers but now they are playing games that if I want them changed (even if they totally disregarded my specifications) I will have to pay the extra shipping to and fro again!! My parents travel tomorrow and there is no way I would be able to wear those suits. So after so much of hassle

money and trauma I had to ask them to leave the suits back home! twink store would not give me a refund either. I am livid and feel that they have been playing games with me all along. I have reported them to Facebook too but wanted everyone who cares about their money warned to stay away from Anila’s Collection

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