Let this serve as a warning to all African American customers!!! In October 2017, I was a customer at the Ann Taylor outlet store in Smithfield, North Carolina and was the recipient of racist and discriminatory treatment. I witnessed first-hand white customers being greeted and offered assistance, generally acknowledged. While I was repeatedly ignored by each of the girls working. One worker walked passed, gave me a hate stare, and continue walking towards the back of the store. On her way back, the girl spoke very friendly to a white customer and her husband. I even took pictures of the poor white trash working in the store and will post them here. Who do these people think that they are? These are young girls with no education, no or bad credit, no car and live in a trailer. However, they had the gall to walk around as though they were better than me. I am a highly-educated college professor, my husband and I own a home in Cary, four cars including two BMWs and pay for it all by showing up to our very well-paying jobs. By contrast, the girls working in this store cannot even afford to wear the clothes that they sell. I would even venture to say that there is more than likely some employee theft going on. These girls are poor white trash and I know it for a fact. It is more than behavorial. I left the store and sat in my car to take a telephone call. Subsequently, one of the workers walked out of the store, sat down on the dirty sidewalk and smoked a cigarette. The girl appeared to be waiting on a ride. See, no car. By the way, the girl also was NOT wearing anything sold at Ann Taylor. Shortly thereafter, an old, ugly, beat up, rusted out, piece of junk pickup truck pulled up to the curb. Driving was a dirty looking white guy and a cleaner looking dog sitting on the passenger side. So typical!!! Those two low-achieving, losers probably went back to their broken down singlewide trailer in the woods. Again, I am warning black women to lodge a formal complaint if and when they have been discriminated while shopping at the Ann Taylor outlet store in Smithfield, NC. It is very important to address this issue with Corporate. Also, please contact me via this post if you have experienced discrimination while shopping at this particular store.

1025 Outlet Center Drive Smithfield, North Carolina USA


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