Complaint: The following outrageous incident occurred today at Annabel’s, at about 10:30 a.m. We were three adults (my sister, her husband and me) and their two children (an 11-year-old and 8-year-old). Today was our last opportunity to be together following the funeral yesterday for my dad (he died two days ago; we all flew in from various parts of the country). We asked if we three adults could be seated at the available, set table for four (a “four-top””) and if the girls could sit at the two-top next to it. We said that our other brother would be joining us and that he would be the fourth at our four-top. We also said it was not necessary at all to try to time all of our orders to arrive at the same time. Our ability to be together was paramount after an extremely trying day yesterday. The waitress seemed relieved to know that we were fine about the food not being served to us all at once

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Address: but she told us that it is Annabel’s policy not to accommodate parties of six. My brother-in-law politely explained the extraordinary circumstances of all of us coming in from out of town for our dad’s funeral and that this was our last get-together before their flight in a couple of hours. The waitress indicated she understood and kindly seated us. It was an entirely friendly interaction. We three then sat at the table for four

Website: told us that she could not serve us because if she did

Phone: and the two girls sat at the table for two. We had been sitting and chatting for about five minutes when Annabel walked up to us three and