In 2011, I was with my boyfriend and we both recently graduated college. I met him online and we found out we went to the same school. Two years later we got married. Soon, he was moving off to a different city and he invited me to go with him. We planned to live together and start a family. However, I didn’t know that he was getting messages from this girl- Anne Marie Joyce Baker – that didn’t live near us. || Every night she would send him nudes to get him away from me, even though he told her he wasn’t interested in her. A year later, I found out that she was at a party my ex attended, after her boy toy broke up with her. He told me he was drunk and slept at his friend’s house but… || didn’t remember much… but he did confess that something may have happened because he found her laying next to him the next day. The only time she contacted my then husband, after that party, was to tell him she was pregnant with his possible baby because of the drunken night out. Obviously, she didn’t tell her boy toy because, after he found out from my ex, he broke up with her. I am not happy that it happened but I also didn’t want her to get away with it again. My ex tried to get back with me, after he found out her kid wasn’t his, but it was too late. || I also kept in contact with her ex, boytoy, the one kid’s daddy and he told me that he slept with her”best friend””roommate”- Melanie Pask to get back at her. After my husband already slept with someone filthy like her- I let her have my sloppy seconds. I know she’s single and her kids are fatherless but she shouldn’t look for married men when she’s not supposed to.