Annenberg Solutions Leslie Edwards pretending to work for a loan company called Annenberg Solutions that offers consumer loans to people. What the person allegedly named Leslie is trying to offer me a $5,000 Loan but I have to send up front 3 months of payments @$150 a month up front as a condition for the loan to be released. Irvine California!!. This so called company named Annenberg Solutions and itu2019s employee named Leslie Edwards calls me and tries to Saunders i have been approved for a $5,000 loan that I can get in 1 of 3 ways, either have a CO signer who has at least. 650 credit score, cannot be a co signer on any other loan, and agrees to a hard credit inquiry. The second option is to pay 3 months of payments which the payments will be $150 a month up front to have the loan money released to me. And the final option is to purchase a insurance policy on the loan, which would be a years worth of payment up front. This is ridiculously fake and I enjoy messing with these people making them think that I am dumb enough to fall for the bs. She has sent me “loan documentsu201d through email hoping that I will choose one of these options and send money to her hoping that I will get this so called $5,000 loan that I am approved for even though I never applied for a $5,000 loan. So people beware of this so called loan company and loan officer Leslie Edwards who is trying to scam people.

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