is supposed to provide American credit customers with the annual free credit report from each of the three agencies. | All three reporting agencies failed to provide my credit reports. Since this failure occured at all three sites while accessing them through this portal, it is safe to assume that the problem lies with, and not with any of the three credit bureaus. | Every American is entitled to an free of charge annual report of their credit as reported to the three credit bureaus under the Fair Credit Act. | is supposed to be an online clearinghouse for these federally mandated free reports, but their site is poorly maintained and fails to engage properly with the credit bureaus. Now I have to mail individual requests to each bureau and wait for them to arrive by snail mail. | If even one red cent of our tax dollars is supporting, it should be stopped immediately.



Country: United States

State: Georgia

City: Atlanta

Address: P.O. Box 105281

Phone: 877-322-8228