I sent this company almost two years ago $1500.00 for Annuity leads. Each was $150.00. They sent one. I called,and called, and called and sent numerous emails to get my leads and nothing. I sent at least 30 emails requesting a refund or my leads. Finally I spoke to the owner about a year ago and he said because of what I’ve been thru he would make it up and send my leads and some extra’s. NOTHING. I email Harper his assistant numerous times, and they wouldn’t didn’t return phone calls or emails. Finally another year went by and I did speak to Amon again. I think he had to make good now because all of my calls were going thru a telemarketing center. Previously everything went thru Harper. After some negotiation he finally wired what he owed me to my account. It took another couple weeks and he kept saying the check was in the mail, but NO checks were ever mailed or they just happened to be lost in the mail.Amon that money you owed me for all that time could of helped feed my family. | When you wanted to be paid upfront which we even sent money orders to your bank initially to do business with you. It took hours of stress and unpleasant conversations to get you to follow thru and refund my money. Your lucky I didn’t find my money order reciepts because after being strung along as long as you did to me my next step was to file a complaint with your local DA.Then after my bad experience Amon said he would send me a few leads for my trouble about a month ago. NOTHING AGAIN. Called and he again doesn’t return my call?? What’s up Amon? Cant you perform. Have others had this experience too??? | BEWARE of Annuity Executives lead service.My experience was really bad. Maybe yours will be different.


Name: Annuity Exec

Country: United States

State: California



Phone: 877-236-8899

Website: www.annuityexec.com/