We ended our agreement with this Company in April of 2015 and returned and sent a cancellation form to this company. The same month we switched companies and NO company will use 2 processing companies. My wife and I started our company and she looked at our companies bank statements every month. And I rarely look at these statements and caught this charge on 11-17-18 .Our new company did have a similar name as well. I did speak to my bank about the last charge on 11-2 and 10-1 and the bank gave me the number on 11-13-18 to call. My wife started her battle with cancer in 2015 and passed last November. Either way the company would not consider giving us 1 penny back. The total charges are probably around $3,000 over that period of time. Yes, My wife should have caught and I should have seen in Dec. of 2017. Either way, the company did not see any transactions from 2015 of April, should have called us to see why we were not using their credit card processor after we had sent it back.


Name: Anovia Payments, LLC.

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Irving

Address: 600 E. Las Colinas Blvd. Suite 1200

Phone: (855) 426-6842

Website: www.anoviapayments.com/