I am a widow and after my husband passed away, I sold our house and bought a condo that was located near the Merril Lynch office in Ft. Lauderdale. I am a senior citizen and never did any investing and thought I should have some safe income from the sale of my house. | Anthony Bland assigned my account to Linda Weitz Stone. I did not think she was upfront with me when I meet with her – she did not seem like she knew anything about how my investments would be handled and she always gave me answers that seemed strange about how my account would be invested. I went along with opening the account as I never thought Merrill Lynch would end up to be the shady firm that it turned out to be. It seems they have an agenda to go after naive senior citizens and get their money so they can exploit the accounts. | Several months went by and I did not get any account statements. Linda Weitz Stone always made up an excuse. When I asked her what investments were being made in my account, she was evasive. I had to take care of medical issues and almost 6 months later realized I did not have any account statements. I went to the office and Anthony Bland refused to see me | I called the main office and was shuffled around from one place to another. It was months later that a statement arrived in the mail and I found that half of my accounts were missing. Linda Weitz Stone signed my name to orders for stock that I knew nothing about. | I now have to hire a lawyer to sue Merrill Lynch. Anthony Bland never got back to me and it seems everyone in the office is part of the scheme to exploit senior citizens – they all think it is a big joke. I spoke to others in my condo who have had similiar experiences at the Ft Lauderdale office of Anthony Bland. He shuffles them off to Linda Weitz Stone for some reason – it seems they are working together in this scam. | Anthony Bland is bad news. Never go near him or his devious firm Merrill Lynch and Bank of America.


Name: Anthony Bland

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Fort Lauderdale

Address: 450 E Las Olas Blvd

Phone: 800-637-7455