Anthony Key Resort, Sandy Bay Honduras. Anythonys Key Resort Is In my honest OPINION, Is A Ripoff! Taking A Cruise? And, Traveling to Roatan Honduras Anythonys Key Resort Dolphin Encounter is in my opinion, a ripoff. At Anthonys Key Resort customers will pay to have a dolphin encounter, however, the encounter is nothing more than a payment to have your photo taken with a dolphin with the option to purchase a photo. You’ll be lured to believe that you will have a dolphin encounter for 30 minutes for $65. What it boils down to is a 5 minute boat ride to a pin of dolphins. You’ll then spend another 10 minutes being told how to pose with a dolphin. Another 10 minutes waiting for everyone to have their picture taken with the dolphin by Anthonys Key Resort photographers. (Yeah, Anthonys Key Resort has their own photographers and you’ll be told to leave your camera in a locker before entering the water with the dolphins. They will not allow you to take photos while your with the dolphin.) Finally, The last of the 5 minutes consist of Anthony key resort staff telling you that you’ll need to go back to the boat at which point they’ll take you directly to the Anthony Key Resort’s gift shop where they will try and SELL you the photos that they, Anthonys Key Resort staff, took with the dolphin. The price of each photo is 15.00 but wait, there is a minimum of two photos! Basically you’ll be expected to pay 30.00 for two pictures or about they will tell you that you can get all pictures which consist of about 4 pictures for 45.00 or 50.00. The photos will not be printed but instead, saved on a small sd card which is worth about 2.00 dollars based on the sd cards that I purchased before my trip to Roatan. While at the akr shop, You’ll be shown high quality photos on a video screen (which natually look great) but in reality, you’ll get less than professional quality photos in return as the mega pixel is not very high. (Note: Each photo is 2 mega pixels.) You can verify the truthfulness of this unbiased review by going to the Anthonys Key Resort web site and click on the Dolphin Beach Encounter link and then click on the link which reads, “Order your online photos here”” – Here they have photos (downloadable) for sale for $18.00 each. Guess what? They hardly ever update their photo site so most likely you’ll never see your photo for sale online. How would I know? Well

when I was at Anthonys Key Resort

I told them that I didn’t want two pictures. I only wanted the one picture. I said that I didn’t want to pay 30.00 bucks for a single picture but did want a photo to at least put in my travel log showing that I had been there. I was told that

If I only wanted a single picture

I would have to go to their website ( aka AKR Shops and purchase it there… Nightmare continued…. After returning home from my extended vacation