My husband and I were married for a year and a half. We found out I was pregnant in May. I have a son from a previous relationship (my husband is a marine and is stationed in va, I’m from Texas) so my son went to spend about a month in Texas with his dad for the summer break. I had to go get him in July to take him back to VA. Well when I was away my husband cheated on me (while I was 17 weeks pregnant) and didn’t ask for forgiveness, he said he didn’t want to be with me anymore but he wanted me to go back home so that he can help me out with the baby and my son. Of course I didn’t go back, I couldn’t hurt myself living with someone who didn’t love me any longer. || I’ve been in Texas since July and I’m now 36 weeks pregnant. My husband filed for separation and after a year he is going to file for divorce. We don’t talk at all, he doesn’t text me or call to ask how the pregnancy is going and now that I’m close to my due date I’m confused about giving the baby his last name or even inviting him down to Texas so he can be a part of the birth. Even though he is an asshole and took me for granted he deserves the chance to be a dad to the baby but how can I allow it if it’s clear he doesn’t care. Please help. Thank you.