Anusha Traders or ebay user (healthinbudget2016) / store I bought fromu00ad I bought New Beats by Dr. Dre Studio 2 Wireless headphones healthinbudget2016 ebay user on 1/22/17. They Beats headphones came as advertised. Sealed, new in the box with all documentation, chords, everything looked legit. On 6/29/2017, After about 6 months of gentle use. I noticed a rip in the earphone pads. I got on and issued a support ticket based on my serial number. Working with our local authorized apple service and repair location (Mobile Macsters), Apple was saying that the headphones with my serial number already had been repaired. I called apple again today and they confirmed that the serial number on my headphones u00ad FL4Q44STGR6H has been repaired multiple times, potentially in the 10 to 20u2019s or more. They’ve been flagged on Apple’s support department as fraudulent and they will not do any repairs on this specific serial number. OKu00ad So this is obviously a scam, so I started looking at the websitesu00ad The site above is obviously fake, none of the copy is legitimate. I found this site which is the “company”” that sold me the headphones. I also looked up the company’s earnings last yearu00ad Apparently they made 33k dollars on this scam. I’m guessing. Is this even a real address? 2121 Market St Apt 804 Philadelphia

Pennsylvania 19103u00ad1319 United States Thank you

[email protected]

2121 Market St Apt 804 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA