Well to start out I have been going here for 4 years now. I have gone and almost every differnt time and have a great idea of what goes on. Im a bodybuilder and serious weight lifter if you are also a serious weight lifter you should not go to this gym for one reason they will not do you any favors because you are not the majority of the members even though your usage is 6 times as much as anyone else, they will only do what the avaerge population says, do not waste your breathe trying to change anything in the envorement to better the place it will go unheard. the manager there does ablsotutely nothing when she works the most she does is sits and plays games or looks on facebook during here hours, she does not nclean the place at all it is very very dirty, she will come up to mid exersice and bother you which is a no no, the place is very unclean and most people come in at 5ish and that is the worst time to go in beacuse the crowd at that time are a bunch of over grown children i have had many many problems with that crowd they talk the whole time and do not share the machines if you try to take it they will tell the manager, and they are very mean to overweight people i have heard the comment they say. if you superset be aware that nobody there has any idea of gym no no’s and they will just hop on what you are doing and not ask so you are left argry, the rates of the place are way overpirced, the owner of the place is a very cheap person and only cares about money, the enhancement fee you pay twice a year is used mostly for the gym owners benefit, if you plan on getting a trianer there you might want to see if they are in for the long hall because they treat there trainers like crap do not help them advance, they have had a total of 5 personal trainers, so if you plan on going to they gym and want a good place to train or just get started they is not the place to go

800 North 8th Street Clear lake, Iowa USA

(641) 357-2472


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