Anywhere Auto and More, Auburn NH, Mitch Delacoe I paid $350 dollars to have my brand new Lexus tinted. There are slice marks and bubbles everywhere. Auburn New Hampshire!!. I had my brand new car tinted by Mitch Delacoe owner of Anywhere Auto and more. Formerly Auto and Accessory experts. I contacted him after paying $350 and sent pictures of my sliced and bubbles of the tint job he performed. I wrote an accurate review and he refused to fix the botched tint job and said he could not take the tint off, it doesn’t come off and if he did attempt to fix, there are no guarantee’s. After he read my honest review with pictures of his shotty work. He then emailed and stated he would not perform any other services on my car. Buyers beware. You may pay good money and if anything is wrong, broken etc. The owner Mitch will not return emails or phone calls.

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