We ordered the 18′ retractable KidKusion driveway barrier to protect our grandchildren while riding their tricycles on the driveway. The order was made in October 2009. The price on the website was $82.99. We ordered on the Internet and our credit card was hit the following day. After several weeks of silence we attempted to call the company. We repeatedly got voice mail. We tried to find several other numbers for them, but to no avail. We secured a record of the credit card transaction from our bank and sent the record to the company by fax, asking them to contact us. This is early December and we have received nothing from the company, not even an acknowledgment of our efforts to reach them, nor have we ever spoken to a live person. We can only conclude that the company has put up a nice website (which they maintain nicely) primarily for the purpose of attracting gullible people who believe that the well-maintained website represents an honest organization. We will fax a copy of this report to the company, but we have little hope that they will respond.

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