We live in an age where quality has died few decades ago, and people have gotten accustomed to receiving piss-poor service and being really thankful for it. I purchased an airline ticket for my dad to come visit me from Illinois. The ticket was purchased online from Priceline.com (have no idea why in the hell priceline would associate themselves with crooks like “Aon Affinity””.) A day before the trip my mother in law was admitted to the hospital

and of course it would be wrong of my dad to just leave and come have fun while the rest of the family is at her side at the hospital

so I called “”Aon Affinity”” and explained the situation thinking; ok

im sure they are going to understand and I should get my refund promptly WRONG!!! They want ME (I reside in Ca) to send the “”required forms”” to the doctor (located at a hospital in Chicago) who’s treating my mother in law

and return it to them so they can review it