Aon Insurance Brentwood Brentwood services One Beacon Occupational Accident Insurance also called Atlantic Casualty aka Brentwood Associate Adjuster Yadira Gonzalez This is an insurance promoted by Uber for drivers who get into accidents while working. Us drivers purchase this plan to help pay lost wages and and death benefits but they are rude and nasty to clients and i have yet to be paid any benefits from an on the job accident they also claim they want reimbursement from any settlement you get. They are a supplement mean l insurance company by who should not get anything especially since they try not to pay you and have not paid me since Minnietonka MN!!. This company is suppose to help us drivers if we are injured or for whole we are working for Uber. They are trying to get away with not paying me print me through tons of paperwork and taking depositions p and are rude in the process to my attorneys and myself. This insurance is also very expensive and charges per mile on do very trip i do for Uber. I have been hit 3 times while driving for Uber and only made one claim and have not seen a dime since I filled my claim and I am suppose to be paid for lost wages and still have not received a penny.

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