Work from home and earn up to $2000 a month!! Sounds great. I needed a job and this sounded great. I had been applying for various jobs online when I received a text saying I was hired for AP Company. I needed to create my online profile in order to start working from home. I had to create a paypal account so that I can get paid. I received a phone call from someone who would also text with information about a package being sent to my home. All I had to do was print out the shipping label which was already paid for and all I had to do was take it to any postal office to be shipped. Easy right? You were also able to log on to the control panel to check for future packages being mailed to you. Once you received the package, you logged on to the control panel and submit the package you had received and they would eventually send you the shipping label that you had to print out yourself. For a few days I received several packages and was even told I was going to get a bonus for sending out the packages right away. Sometimes various packages would arrive to me where special instructions such as combining all products into one box had to be done. I had to buy my own boxes, tape and ink and stickers labels for the shipping labels to be printed on. I lost money. Lost money with these products, time and gas money in going to staples.Some of the items I had to ship out consisted of a saw, gas fluid, ear phones, iPhone, vitamins, blenderOn the 28th day after starting this “job”I would request to get paid. On that day, I was no longer able to log in to my account, and never got paid. I attempted calling the phone numbers AP Company would contact me from but it would just keep ringing or say the number you are tryi to reach is no longer available. That’s when I realized it was a scam.AP COMPANY CEOTHOMAS MAIER(716) 217-0664