Today i went to coles in gladstone did my shopping for startes they were low on staff only 12 items or less counters were open and every one else with full trollies had to go through self service and do it all there selves one women that was working in self service area was trying to do everthing at once when another guy working there that was doing nothing walked away and left it all to that lady to deal with everyone going through self service so you could imagine how backed up it was and she was doing it alone in the end she had to draw attention to me as im a single mum of a 2 year old and a 5 month old she had to scan half of my trolley full of shopping as my 5 month old was crying and wanted to be fed and i couldnt do both things at once another worker walked over to her as she was helping and said gee your busy, the lady helping me said yea i know the other guy seen whats going on and didnt help he just walked away she said shes not happy but still helping me .but that other

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