I have been a very good loyal customer to Apex Tactical Specialites. I bought I believe 2 triggers directly from them(I think they claimed I only bought 1) but I also bought another Apex Trigger from Midway Arms. In the past I found their technical support team to be excellent and I was very pleased with their high level of service. However, after Sig Sauer announced their voluntary recall on many of their pistols, Apex decided they were going to help their customers out and anybody who bought directly from them would receive a free store credit in exchange for sending the old Apex Trigger back. I called in I think at least a month before I actually decided to take advantage of their offer and spoke to one of their customer service reps I clearly told him I would be sending 2 Apex Triggers back. Once I felt confident the upgrades were going well wtih the Sig P320, I called in to Apex Specialties and told them to ship me an RMA so I could get my triggers replaced(old ones will not work in post upgrade of the P320). It was my assumption they knew I was sending two in. When they emailed I believe the RMA, I didn’t read it I simply put the shipping lable on the outside of a box and threw the RMA return paper inside. I clearly wrapped with bubble wrap both triggers and then shipped it off. About a week and a half later, I finally recieved my package from them and when I opened the box I was wondering where in the heck was the second trigger. I called and left a voice message as they were closed. When I contacted them on the next busines day, the customer service rep was very coordial and nice, but they only recieved 1 trigger and there was no second trigger in the box. I was then contacted by the Vice President of Apex Specialites and he basically told me that after he went back and spoke to shipping, none of his staff came across a secod trigger and there was only 1 trigger in the package and that unless there was a second trigger there was nothing he could do and I would be out of luck and recommended I look around my house for it. I was absolutely shocked and in disbelief that a $49 MSRP Trigger, he was going to not give me the benifet of the doubt and in spite of not right out calilng me a liar he was in so many ways telling me it was just too bad. I told him this was awful and that I was going to write about this experience on Yelp, file a complaint wtih BBB, and with the states attorneys office of consumer affairs. I know bottom line there were two triggers I shipped, I absolutely did not lose it, yes I didn’t read the quantity on the RMA and had I did, I would ahve seen they were only expecting 1 trigger back. The reason I didn’t read the RMA was because I told the customer service rep I was sending two back. The worse part of all this, after exchanging many emails back and forth wtih the vice president he was unsymapthetic, callous, and wasn’t wililng to accept any blame. I tihnk most companies would take care of their customers but not this one. I have been an excellent customer and for this company not to stand behind their product I find reprehensible. I could care less about the $49 dollars as it is pocket change but it is the attitude and lack of empathy when I know for a fact I put two triggers inside that box Bottom line, anybody thinking about doing business with Apex just be leary of them and to know if they screw up they will not stand behind their word. I have been a consumer of many companies and never recieved this kind of treatment.

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