Complaint: Ever since RI had to comply with the Fed. regulations concerning auto emissions, some garages have been using this as a club to gernerate profits. I had Apex do my inspection for the year of 2000 and was irate at how they strove to find every little thing they could wrong with my car. It was a Mazda Protege in good condition. Prior to 1999, most RI inspections dealt with the brakes, lights, exhaust, tires and wipers. These elements are what most mechanics are concerned with when it comes to safety. But to generate more profit for themselves, I found Apex to be “extra vigilant”” when it comes to doing the inspection. I was saddled with a $400 bill at the end and was

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Website: you have to get it fixed. No matter how trivial. Do not bring your car to them for inspection or any work whatsoever. Find someone else as I did for my 2001 inspection. That one I came away with a zero defect report.”

Phone: held hostage till I paid it and finally given a inspection sticker. Once they find something wrong with your car