I’m very upset. I showed up to my grandmother’s house in Lincoln Illinois and she proceeded to tell me that someone had taken all of her medication. Very alarmed to hear that, I began to ask her questions about where they went because I was very concerned at the fact my grandmother was now missing hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of meds at least 8 medicine bottles nearly full from her medication box. So that’s when she told me about a young high school kid that stop by her door to sell her magazines for school. No sooner than I started to inquire further about what happened a neighbor came by to check on her. So I told her what was going on and she then told me how just days prior she had a kid matching a similar description come by and that she had bought some magazines from him. That’s when she went and got her receipt and we discovered that the company was Apollo Marketing Inc..


Name: Apollo Marketing Inc.

Country: United States

State: Alaska



Phone: (217) 871-9151

Website: www.apollomarketinginc.com/