Complaint: My husband and I were members of this practice for approximately eight years, when we received a letter from Dr Ringenberg stating that there was a lack of trust and confidence and it was time for me to find another doctor. My husband was been battling cancer at that point for 7 years and was also part of the practice also. Because they were firing me they decided it would be best for my husband to find another PCP because I would not be allowed to come to his appointments with him. My husband had at this point been told he was terminal. I was never given any explanation for why I was fired from the practice despite two letters and several phone calls to the office. Dr Ringenburg refused to talk to me. And never responded to any of the letters that I sent requesting further explanation about what had happened. This letter was received after I return from a vacation with my husband to New England. We were taking one last trip home so he could visit his family for the last time and spend time with them. One night on this trip I called the emergency number for the Apopka family practice because I was having medical issues. When I spoke to Dr. Ringenberg, he was incredibly put out, that I had called him with a medical problem at 11 o’clock at night. He told me if the problem was bad enough for me to call him I should have just gone to me the emergency room instead of bothering him. When I return from vacation, I had received a letter in the mail from him stating that the patient doctor relationship had been compromised and he could no longer see me. The irony was he was not actually my doctor, one of the other healthcare providers in the practice actually manage my care. During the 7-8 years I was there and, I saw Dr Ringenberg only a handful of timeS. I cannot fathom how a health care provider, especially in a primary care physician, who is supposed to be compassionate and understanding can fire a husband and wife fromhis practice while they dealing with a terminal illness. This clearly breaks all of the ethical promises of the doctors Hippocratic oath.

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