I purchased an $1,100.00 Broan E6048TSS Range Hood. The item arrived damaged with a big dent in the front center which is for my very custom and so very expensive kitchen. The bottom line is they want to rip me off again. First they said they would ship another at my expense. When I told them they were beyond crazy and hung up on Aaron after I told him I was contacting my state AG and the New York AG he called me back. He then proceeded to call me that the AG was his friend. Perhaps this explains the many complaints and the FACT business goes on as usual for them. He then told me they know how to handle people from Maine – what the heck does that mean. I am not from Maine anyway- I am from Boston (Strong)!!! Anyway he then proceeds to tell me they will replace the range hood and not charge me shipping but will have to charge my cc for the full $1,100.00 again – but will immediately refund it after they pick up the old one. He said he would send me an email with instructions on providing my cc#. I told him I would have my brother who just happens to be an attorney review the email – guess what – no email arrived. I have read many other complaints on pissedoffconsumer and others where they did the same thing, but these people provided the cc# and it took months to get their money back, if they did. This is a questionable organization at best in my opinion, but do yourself a huge favor and stay far, far away – they are creeps. Nice when getting the order but SO VERBALLY ABUSIVE WHEN YOU DARE TO COMPLAIN THEY SENT YOU CRAP!!! I only wish I had read the many, many, many… complaints about this company prior ordering. Price is certainly not everything and it has cost me $1,100.00 to save a few bucks – BUT I WILL PREVAIL!!

Brooklyn, New York USA